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Gaia Protection

We strive for a platform where your solutions for local and global problems become reality.

"Be the change you want to see in the World."

Mahatma Gandhi

... and we enable you to realize your desire for change!

Gaia Protection offers you a platform to bring to life your creative idea for a better world! Our network supports you in the conceptualisation of your sustainable projects through committed volunteers, diverse know-how and financial capabilities.

"Think Globally - Act Locally”


Through joint commitment, we want to actively help shape the transformation to a sustainable and environmentally friendly society.


We offer a platform to support creative minds with innovative solutions in the implementation of their sustainable concepts.

The collective action in our network is based on three essential principles of grassroots democratic action.


In terms of values, transparency is associated with openness and honesty. Intangible transparency in particular plays an increasingly important role in today’s society. Transparency is our basis for trust.
You decide where your financial support goes!


Participation generally means to participate in something.In addition to the participation of the individual, the term also refers to the participation of the community in the development of society.Proactively into our future!
Everyone contributes his or her creative part.

Freedom of hierarchy

All decisions of principle and framework are taken jointly in the Consensus, i.e. no one has a serious objection to the common goal. The respective team meets once a month for a few hours and makes these basic and framework decisions.

Our goals for a sustainable future

We view the processes of sustainable development as a holistic system and therefore concentrate on 9 different fields of work.

The world is full of solutions!  

Find out how you as an individual can make a difference in different areas of life and where we as a community can become active in regional and global initiatives! 

Often it feels like we are just small droplets in an infinite ocean, but what is an ocean without these many droplets?



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