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Climate Change is present. We can already see the consequences. And it affects all of us. One of the biggest problems of climate change is desertification and soil degradation. Because of this many communities worldwide are starving and suffering.

Revolted by desertification, and alarmingly shocked by the state of the soil, Emmanuel decided to make a change in his local community:

He had a had a simple, but highly effective idea:



“Greening Burundi to protect our planet and preserve our health!”

Vision: When his community in Burundi was suffering a hunger crisis in 2013 he planted his first trees with the organisation “…”
Saddened by the progressive desertification of his homeland and many health issues, Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze decided to embark on a project of planting trees.

“I wish to plant 1million trees in three years”, is the wish of this young student at the National Institute of Public Health who gave himself as initiative to green the country in a project he called “Greening Burundi”.


His project started it in October 2018 with the establishment of a nursery with more than 40,000 trees. To get there, he rented a place near a small river to facilitate the watering of more than 40,000 tree seedlings including eucalyptus, grevellea, calliandra, cedrella, terminalia superba, papaya and other fruits.
His goal was to start his project with more than 100,000 plants for the first phase and his objective is not reached following the meager means at his disposal.
To date, more than 36,000 trees have already been planted in 11 schools (including 7 founding schools and 4 high schools), mountains, roadsides and river banks, but also in the surrounding area. The schoolchildren and students of these institutions as well as the local population, come to take these plants for free and plant them themselves, often helped by Emmanuel.
The objective of its current “Greening Burundi” Project is to fight against the existence of the challenges of climate change, soil erosion, desertification and global warming.

He is convinced and motivated to be able to fight against all those challenges by using all his forces to multiply the trees which is the engine that can act effectively against these challenges.

He is preparing to start the second phase by installing a nursery containing more than 100,000 trees which will in turn be planted in October 2019.

Protecting our planet earth is everyone’s business. Plant a tree today.

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  1. Super good work, much impressed with your effort. We need such commitment to see Burundi is green and team multiplies with lots of fruit trees and curtail nutrition deficiency among the children and expectant mothers.

    1. Thank you for the nice words, we are doing our best to help this beautiful planet! <3

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