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Our values

In Greek mythology, Gaia is the personification of the earth and the mother of all life forms. Accordingly, Gaia Protection is an environmental program dedicated to the worldwide protection of nature, people, and the environment.

Our global network supports solution-oriented individuals in realizing their projects for a more sustainable future. 
We are a multi-national team of dedicated volunteers spanning several generations with a common goal: to create an environmentally conscious and peaceful future for our coexistence on this planet.


Our symbol is the “enneagram”, whose origin is derived from the ancient Greek “ennea” for nine and “gramma”, the written. The enneagram is often used by psychologists in the field of personality development and coaching to make people aware of their unconscious shadow issues and blind spots and to help them discover their true potentials and resources. The Enneagram is seen as a means to more self-knowledge and personal growth. 

This symbol is considered an orientation to illustrate how man as an individual should not only run through the world in a self-reflexive and selfish way, but much more broaden his horizon to his social environment as well as to ecological concerns regionally and mundially. With Gaia Protection, we want to offer all people a platform that allows them to become open-minded, socially and ecologically responsible individuals.


Our goal is on the one hand to make clear that our world consists of a network of symbiotic relationships and on the other hand that we as inhabitants of this planet become aware of our responsibility towards this symbiosis and act accordingly. 

Think Globally, Act Locally

Gaia Protection should offer everyone the opportunity to actively intervene in social and ecological systems. We are guided by the principle of “acting regionally – thinking globally” and believe that even small changes in behaviour can have major effects and consequences on the global community and the conservation of our natural environment. 

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