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Many people want to play their part in the development of a better world, but often there is a lack of concrete starting points. We live in a world full of solutions, but yet we feel lonely and separated from each other. Where can I start contributing to a better future? 


Vision – Mission 

For this reason, Gaia Protection is organizing the “Project Earth” every year. 2020 will be the third time we will create a space to exchange experiences, to develop new ideas and to get to know creative projects with future-oriented solutions. 

The central questions deal with ethical action, responsible consumption and sustainable society. Accordingly, topics such as plastic waste, global warming and daily consumer behaviour are the order of the day. Within this framework, we offer concrete solutions through projects, lectures and interactive workshops, which we can all integrate into our lives. In addition, it is our goal to offer active environmentalists from the region a platform to present their local initiatives as well as their worldwide projects and to find supporters. 

We need you! 

  • Prepare a speech or a workshop for the festival 
  • Help us inviting interesting performers 
  • Spread the message on social media 
  • Help us to hang posters and flyers 
  • Bake a cake 
  • Help us on site  

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