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Gaia Protection's Christmas Market 2019

We realized that especially around Christmas time, people buy a lot but also waste a lot. Here we see our task. 

How can everyone make Christmas sustainable and so contribute to a pleasant and above all environmentally conscious holiday? 

On 22 of December 2019 we organized our first Gaia Christmas Market. The idea was to have a cheerful afternoon and share solutions to spend sustainable holidays. People could buy hot drinks and cake and wander around the different stations we proposed.

We came up with vegan Christmas recipes, 10 advises to spend sustainable Christmas and other informations about our association.

We offered some workshops where one could fabricate Christmas present out of wood, wool, old newspaper and other natural or used materials.

As guest we had the local Association „Bienen-leben-in-Bamberg“ where you could buy honey and get informations about bees and their life conditions nowadays.

We celebrated in the beautiful baroque rooms of the Palais Schrottenberg in Bamberg, who provided us with the premises.

We reached our goal to create a cozy open space to talk about today’s most urgent problems and celebrate the Christmas time together.

We look forward to organize another Christmas Market next year! 

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