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About Gaia Protection. Our past, present and future.

What does Gaia Protection mean?

Gaia [ altgr. Γαῖα, Mother Earth] defines as eponym also the environmental program of our charitable work. With Gaia Protection, we are setting an example for the worldwide protection of nature, people and the environment.

Our Vision and Mission

We offer a collaborative platform for creative minds to realize their sustainable initiatives through existing solutions, social entrepreneurship and knowledge-sharing.

Our History

The basis for Gaia Protection was laid by Siegfried Ramming in Costa Rica. Siegfried Ramming was born in 1966 in Bayreuth, but bought a farm in the mountains of Costa Rica at the age of 21. Siegfried tried to use renewable resources such as water, soil, forest and marine life so carefully that they would be preserved for future generations and the ecological systems would be stable.

Our worldview: Symbiosis and Altruism

Our symbol is the “enneagram”, whose origin is derived from the ancient Greek “ennea” for nine and “gramma”, the written.  The enneagram is often used by psychologists in the field of personality development and coaching to make people aware of their unconscious shadow issues and blind spots and to help them discover their true potentials and resources. The Enneagram is seen as a means to more self-knowledge and personal growth.
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