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There are many ways to get involved...

It does not matter on which stage of the journey you are. Perhaps you are just starting to explore more, maybe you already have a project in place. There is an opportunity to join for everyone! 

What is your path?

Find a Project

Your journey of self-transformation begins! Create your User Profile and get Matched to your next Passion Project based on your Area of Interest and your skillset! Are you ready?

Add a Project

Share your solution - share your project! Bring more visibility to what you are doing and attract the right people. Create the Organisation Profile and get the Workforce and the Funding that your project needs.

Fund a Project

Be a hero! Fund a project and watch magic unfolding. With your donation world transformation is made possible! And the best thing? See where the funding goes on a transparent way!

Gaia Protection Ambassador

We are a family that loves to learn, grow and explore new ways of living together!

What keeps Gaia Protection alive is the heart of the community: Engaged individuals following a purpose.  

Among the many Gaia Protectors all around the world, our Gaia Protection Ambassadors are the faces of the network. 

They are determined to explore every corner of our world, to find and interview new projects, meet fellow Gaias and to help build a sharing global community who genuinely wants to evolve regenerative and resilient communities worldwide. 

Meet the Co-Creators of a better tomorrow

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Organisation Profile

Organisation Profile

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