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Our Vision and MiSsion


Through collective action, we have the ability to transform our world into a sustainable and environmentally friendly society. 

Everywhere in the world we see great ideas for a sustainable future. There are incredible organizations, ideas and projects all around the world working towards a sustainable future.

 However, there are a lot of factors, constraints and obstacles that are involved in bringing an idea to life which limits the actions of those who intend to make our world a better place. This is where Gaia Protection comes in. Our platform is connecting individuals to global solutions and initiatives that exist around the world so they can  learn and implement ideas in their own communities. Our collective action has the potential to create more solutions than individual action. We are bridging the gap between like-minded people around the world who want to see a change, to be the change they would like to see. 


We offer a collaborative platform for creative minds to realize their sustainable initiatives through existing solutions, social entrepreneurship and knowledge-sharing.

With our non-profit association Gaia Protection is forming a collective of creative and solution-oriented individuals. With the objective of “act local- think global” we intend to motivate each individual to become active in their environment through education and practical solutions to help the Earth in any and every way possible. 

The collective action in our network is based on three essential principles of grassroots democratic action.


In terms of values, transparency is associated with openness and honesty. Intangible transparency in particular plays an increasingly important role in today’s society. Transparency is our basis for trust.
You decide where your financial support goes!


Participation generally means to participate in something.In addition to the participation of the individual, the term also refers to the participation of the community in the development of society.Proactively into our future!
Everyone contributes his or her creative part.

Freedom of hierarchy

All decisions of principle and framework are taken jointly in the Consensus, i.e. no one has a serious objection to the common goal. The respective team meets once a month for a few hours and makes these basic and framework decisions.

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