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Our Heart Gardens
Guided by interconnecting inclusive circles, we work together to provide the needs of the many by putting many hands to work in easy tasks, small parts of the great work of coordinating the efforts of the One so we can embody the Hand of God... and take our first step - a quantum leap from the body of our Great Mother, long-suffering Being Who embodies Beauty.
I am the \"imagineer\", the seer and communicator of the vision. My life has been full of extraordinary magical events that has inspired me to write of MOM, the Magic in Ordinary Moments and POP, the Power of People. Now I just want to get them married so MOM can guide POP into the bright future that holds us all in love and abundance, able to follow in our everyday experience the impulses that inspire a murmuration of human nations...


A global network of gardens, outdoors and indoors (where the aroma of fertile soil gives medicine from the Earth, a remedy for Clinical Depression, full dose in 15 minutes and never an overdose!) Working together to feed ourselves and our families and neighbours, we also heal from colonization and recreate the invisible structures present in successful communities throughout time.

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